Benefits of Dance Training

  • Dance helps the student to become more expressive and effective communicators.
  • Dance helps establish and enhance self esteem and self expression.
  • Dance challenges and extends the human experiences.
  • Dance provides a means of expression for thoughts and feelings that goes beyond speaking and writing.
  • Dance includes exploration, sensing, concentration, focus, projection, commitment, memory, interpretation, and application of one's abilities, both physical and mental.
  • Doctors have found that people who are athletically active as children heal more quickly after surgery and have a higher threshold of pain.
  • Dancers and athletes have better peripheral vision.
  • Dancers learn the importance of team work and commitment.
  • Dance teaches an appreciation for all of the Arts.
  • Dance gives a child the opportunity to be involved in a unique, wonderful part of life that no other subject, sport, or experience can offer.

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